NZ advance in micro 3D printing enables rapid prototyping of microscale objects

22 May 2019 - NZ innovators present on printing structures to meet market demand driven by the miniaturisation mega-trend at Rapid and TCT 2019 conference in US. 

Since being introduced in November last year, Micromaker has progressed at pace and the prototype is now printing much more complex micro structures relevant in high value applications such as micromachine components.

“When LRP, a new type of 3D printing, was introduced last year we knew it had the potential to be game changing,” says Dr Neil Glasson, Micromaker3D's Head Engineer presenting at Rapid & TCT. "Now with specialised engineering this is becoming a reality – we are printing detailed objects smaller than a strand of human hair. For context, a human hair is about 100 microns and with MicroMaker3D we’re talking 5 microns. Prototyping progress has been swift, and we continue refining the level of precision on the tiny structures. The team has recently produced moving parts which is exciting.”

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RAPID + TCT New and Emerging AM sessions 21 May 2019

We'll be presenting at the RAPID + TCT New and Emerging Advanced Manufacturing sessions in Detroit on 21 May. This is a great opportunity to hear first-hand from Andrew Best (MicroMaker Microfabrication Manager) and Neil Glasson (Callaghan Innovation Lead Research Engineer) about our Laminated Resin Printing (LRP) technology. 

For more details, see the event website: Laminated Resin Printing: A New Rapid Prototyping Technique for Microscale 3D Printing(external link).

MicroMaker3D presents at Big Ideas Conference March 19-20 March

MicroMaker3D has been invited to speak at the 'Big Ideas' RadLaunch Presentations. This special session at the Big Ideas for UV+EB Technology Conference takes place March 19-20, 2019 in Redondo Beach, California. Six new technologies are given the opportunity to present at these sessions.

At the RadLaunch Presentations, Andrea Bubendorfer from the MicroMaker3D team will showcase our technology and talk about new and emerging opportunities for high resolution 3D printing using UV photoresists.

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MicroMaker3D selected for RadTech 2019 RadLaunch Class

RadLaunch is a unique idea accelerator for UV+EB start-ups, students, and innovators which connects selected companies to UV+EB industry leaders through funding, guidance, and speaking/exhibiting opportunities. In February MicroMaker3D was selected as just one of six 2019 RadLaunch companies.

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MicroMaker3D technology unveiled

New technology enabling rapid prototyping of high-resolution microscale structures opens up opportunities for small component manufacturers.

Callaghan Innovation today unveiled Laminated Resin Printing (LRP) – a new type of 3D printing technology that enables rapid prototyping of high-resolution microscale structures. Its MicroMaker3D team is one of ten exhibitors selected for IDTechEx’s Santa Clara Launchpad, an initiative showcasing new disruptive and state-of-the art technologies. The Launchpad initiative is limited to 10 selected applicants.

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MicroMarker3D Team - Ann Manning, Andrew Best and Andrea Bubendorfer

KiwiNet supports MicroMaker3D

A new type of 3D Printing technology enabling rapid prototyping of high-resolution microscale structures has been revealed by Callaghan Innovation. It is a project that received a kick-start from KiwiNet to support commercialising the technology.

KiwiNet’s Emerging Innovator Programme aims to have more scientists with disruptive new ideas working alongside businesses to solve industry challenges.

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MicroMaker3D has been selected to attend IDTechEx through the Launchpad initiative.

The IDTechEx Launchpad initiative features early-stage start-ups, universities, newly spun-out companies, and research labs or government labs that have demonstrated a working prototype or product that highlights new advances related to 3D printing, electric vehicles, energy storage, graphene, internet of things, printed electronics, sensors or wearable technology.

The Launchpad initiative is limited to 10 selected applicants. link)

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