Technical Information

Laminated Resin Printing uses elements of microfabrication-based photolithography, reformatted for 3D printing.

Extreme resolution modern dry film photoresist resins are imaged a layer at a time, using a fast-ultraviolet projection system, activating a photoinitiator.  After imaging, each section of the dry film is laminated to form a multilayer stack.  The stack is then heat cured through a precisely controlled catalytic cross-linking reaction in the activated areas forming a structure fully polymerised across and between layers, with no need for adhesives. 

The unpatterned resin provides support material for the printed structure.  This means that if you can design it, you can print it.  Overhangs, membranes and moving parts that make up microsensors are readily printed and well matched to the resin storage modulus.  Unpolymerised resin is highly soluble and easily washed away.

Using a preformed 5-micron thick resist sheet defines Z resolution with a layer thickness tolerance of 125 nanometers.  Because the resist is already dry, there is no shrinkage or distortion, meaning this resolution is genuine and highly repeatable.  A 5-micron resolution is also obtained in both X and Y, defined by the pixel size from the projector at the print bed.  The photoresists used are an industry standard material with excellent characteristics that enable them to withstand the harshest environments.

These processes are automated and housed in a UV-excluding, particulate free desktop machine. 


Dry film


UV projection (+ heat post-processing)

Print speed

10 seconds per layer (3s patterning, 7s laminating)

Print density

Up to 100%

Ease of printing


Visual quality

High – 5-micron voxel printing

Heat resistance

-60 to + 200C continuous operating temperature

Roll width

Up to 250 mm

Roll length

100 m

Chemical compatibility

Excellent resistance to a wide range of solvents, acids, bases and harsh environments

Electrical resistivity

Highly insulating

Layer adhesion

Highly soluble uncrosslinked film


Uncrosslinked prepolymer

Layer height

Customisable from 5um to 100um

Material method


Storage modulus

1-4 GPa at room temperature with wide operational range