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Recognising the growing demand for miniaturised structures that are the vital components in an increasing number of devices and manufacturing applications, Callaghan Innovation(external link) scientists Andrea Bubendorfer and Andrew Best rethought how to produce these structures in a cost-effective way.

The result was patent-pending Laminated Resin Printing (LRP) technology, a new type of 3D printing that will underpin technologies for prototyping electronics, microparts, microsensors and IoT components, optical devices and more.

The Callaghan Innovation team is using LRP to produce a range of structures for a variety of applications.

The MicroMaker3D Team

Andrea Bubendorfer

Andrea leads the Microfabrication team at Callaghan Innovation. She has backgrounds in microfluidics, surface chemistry and photolithography. Her main current interest is in making microfabrication an accessible technology, and this has been the inspiration for MicroMaker3D.

Andrew Best

Andrew runs the Callaghan Innovation Microfabrication facility. He is a multitalented engineer who uses his skills in electronics manufacturing, design and microfabrication to creatively transfer technologies to new environments, for which he has played a strong role as the co-inventor of MicroMaker3D.

Cath Andrews

Cath is a senior business manager at Callaghan Innovation with experience across many technology development and commercialisation projects. Cath’s focus is on technology transfer opportunities that will see the MicroMaker3D technology fully realised.